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We only use natural flavourings in our flavoured drops blended with MCT oil and broad spectrum cannabis extracts. Flavoured drops have been hugely popular for those who may find the taste of natural CBD unfavourable.

What is CBD?

Grown on farms around Eastern Europe that do not use pesticides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals during cultivation or extraction. Available in 300mg, 500mg and 800mg per 20ml bottle.

Why MCT oil? Cannabinoids are fat soluble, MCT oil is a fat, therefore great to use as a carrier oil. MCT oil can pass through the bodies lymphatic system without needing to be broken down. The lymphatic system is a system of thin tubes and lymph nodes that run throughout the body. These tubes are called lymph vessels or lymphatic vessels. The lymph system is an important part of our immune system. It plays a role in fighting bacteria and other infections.