Got salts 10ml

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  • Black & Blue - Blue slush and sweet blackcurrant.
  • Black Forest - Black forest gateau and cherry.
  • Blood Sun - Grapefruit and blood orange.
  • Candid Candy - Blackcurrant and raspberry candy with refreshing mint.
  • Crumbacco - Rich tobacco blended with a sweet biscuit base.
  • Dragon Burst - A mix of sweet gummy candy and mixed fruit.
  • Peachy Promise - Smooth peach and tropical passionfruit.
  • Polar - Spearmint mixed with cooling menthol.
  • Purple Mojito - Sweet purple candy and mojito.
  • Tropical Red - A flavourful blend of strawberry, banana and mango.
  • Black & red - Featuring the same ‘Black’, with all new ‘Red’. Red is the new Black!
  • Black & blue iceFeaturing the knockout flavours of Got Salts’ best seller, this juice just got an icy kick!
  • Ice cap - By far the coldest in the Got Salts range, Ice Cap is a breath of freezing cold refreshment!
  • ButterbaccoSmooth, comforting butterscotch backing up a woody tobacco, this sweet nostalgic treat is most definitely your next ADV!
  • Grape iceFeaturing two different types of Grape, plus a heap of crushed ice, this tasty treat can be enjoyed all year!
  • Mango ice - An all new addition! We’ve sourced the finest mango and injected it with pure ice!