Milkshake Liquids 80ml

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Breezy shake - If you love creamy, milkshake vapes and strawberry flavours then boy, do Milkshake Liquids have an e liquid for you. Breezy Shake has had a history of being one of the more sought after dessert liquids

Panda Shake -  by Milkshake Liquids is a fantastic milkshake e liquid that features famous and popular cream stuffed chocolate cookies that have been blended with a delicious vanilla ice cream to create a thick and creamy cookies and cream milkshake.

Bomberry - A decadent milkshake liquid, Bomberry Shake takes a thick and creamy vanilla ice cream, combines it with a thicker condensed milk for good measure and dollops in a handful of ripe and juicy blueberries to create a delicious blueberry milkshake.

Banggo - A thrilling tropical milkshake, Banggo Shake combines the tropical flavours of toasted coconut, fresh mango and a creamy vanilla bean ice cream!

Lemoney Shake -  by Milkshake Liquids is a truly decadent dessert flavour. Starting with a freshly baked lemon bar cake, this has then been added to a blend and combined with thick condensed milk and Milkshake Liquid's signature Vanilla Bean Ice Cream flavour for a lemon milkshake that is out of this world.