Mr Wicks 50ml 70/30

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Mr Wicks Rhubarb & Custard -Mr Wicks Rhubarb & Custard are those reminiscent sweets you used to buy for a penny

Mr Wicks Grape Soda - Mr Wicks Grape Soda is a refreshing fruity soda drink flavour

Mr Wicks Raspberry & Lychee - Mr Wicks Raspberry & Lychee is a mix of these two delicious fruits

Mr Wicks Mango & Blackcurrant - Mr Wicks Mango & Blackcurrant is a fruity blend of these delicious fruits

Mr Wicks Toffee Popcorn - Mr Wicks Toffee Popcorn is a delicious dessert treat!

Mr Wicks Pear & Raspberry -Mr Wicks Pear & Raspberry is a fruity, sugar candy jelly baby mix!

Mr Wicks Candy Cane - Mr Wicks Candy Cane is a minty, sweet and creamy flavour.

Mr Wicks Orange & Lime Fizz - Mr Wicks Orange & Lime Fizz is a fruity mixture with a cold, fizzy aftertaste.

Mr Wicks Jam Scone - Mr Wicks Jam Scone is a fresh scone, smothered in raspberry jam and cream!

Mr Wicks Lemon Tart - Mr Wicks Lemon Tart is a wicked, citrust lemon pastry flavour

Mr Wicks Passion Chiller - Mr Wicks Passion Chiller is a cold, strawberry and peach soda flavour

Mr Wicks Twisted Pop - Mr Wicks Twisted Pop is a creamy, fruit lolly flavour

Mr Wicks Unloaded - Mr Wicks Unloaded is a twist of berries, aniseed, blackjack and menthol

Mr Wicks Chocolate Limes - Mr Wicks Chocolate Limes is a chocolate filled, lime candy flavour

new Dr wicks STRAWBERRY SYRUP - Just what the doctor ordered! The taste of feeling better, sugary sweet strawberry flavour e-liquid that keeps things cloudy!