Thor Juice E Liquid

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Virginia – Thor Juice
The fresh leafy taste that is Golden Virginia. Every rollies dream blend, with a subtle tobacco after taste.
A light, but not overpowering blend.
Tobacco Red – Thor Juice
A slightly softer version of the American Gold. A mild tobacco flavour with woody undertones often referred to as a red Marlboro taste.
Our most popular tobacco flavour.
Tobacco Gold – Thor Juice
A strong tobacco with a mild but full flavoured woody after taste often referred to as a Gold B&H taste. An excellent mixer with Apple or Cherry for a luxurious Shisha vape.
Thor Y 4
The new improved Thor Y 4. Mild yet smooth sweet tobacco flavour is ideal for those who miss the pleasures of an traditional cigarette. The light tobacco aroma curbs cravings whilst the sweet aftertaste fulfils those with a sweet tooth
Spearmint – Thor Juice
The clean, fresh taste of mint with the subtle sweetness of spearmint.
Slightly reminiscent of the chewing gum and a great throat hit!
Orange Tac Tics
That perfect deep orange tang with a sweet sharpness. A beautiful flavour alone or a great mixer.


This bubblicious fruity mix is a winner. An old skool classic.