Vape Cartel salts

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One for the tobacco lover, fresh cut american tobacco paired with a biscuit undertone. Will be a suprise for people who have never tried tobaccos due to how sweet and enjoyable this flavour is

BLu-black slush

An Amazing mix of the ever popular blue slush paired with a refreshing addition of smooth blackcurrants

Bo blu gummy


Dragons candy

Fresh dragon fruit gummy candy for those with a sweet tooth. 

El vimto

You already know what this tastes like, and we know you love it!


Perfect blend of fruits with a tropical twist, sweet strawberry paired with banana and topped of with a helping of ripe mango.

Peachy passion

Gorgeous juicy peaches perfectly mashed together with ripe passion fruit to create a fruity ADV

Ras-currant cool

Sweet treats of refreshing raspberry and blackcurrant paired with a subtle spearmint undertone.

Sherbet surprise 

Rainbow Sherbet Candy taste. 

sweet mojito

Purple candy mojito (contains zero alcohol) refreshing and very moreish we believe this will become a favourite with many people.

choco cherry browne 

This one is special, Black forest gateau with a beautiful cherry undertone.

Spearmint chew 

Spearmint Chew is a sweet spearmint bubblegum flavour, minty and refreshing, with a sweet bite to follow.